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The old Walnut tree I have chosen as a building site for a treehouse, is neighter strong nor healthy, but rather in need of a supportiv friend.

Before I selected the tree, I had decided that I didnt want to injure a tree by drilling holes or hanging ropes to it.
When I found this old tree, I decided to draw a house that could help supporting it, and work as a companion,while taking advantage of its spectacular and uniqe location.
The Walnut tree has a trunk that is divided into three equaly big branches, that lean out, leaving an empty space in the middle.
One of the branches is todaysupported by a wooden pole, another has created its own support and the third is still standing.

Why live in a tree?
Its hard to keep on being stressed when you are close to nature.
Your enviroment brings diff erent parts of you out in the open, and when you rest in the tranquility of a tree, your bo
dy and soul adapts and returns to its own nature